Threads Fashion Show 2017

Threads Fashion Show has been a major part of Central Michigan University’s campus since 1998. 1998 was the first year CMU and Threads put on a fashion show.

Throughout the years, the styles and themes of each show have changes immensely. From punk rock to pure and simple, the fashion show changes each and every year.

Mostly every year comes with a new theme, but there have been years where designers are free to express themselves. The fashion industry is a very creative industry, so it is nice to see CMU’s campus and organizations allowing students to express themselves.

Producer Julia Allen explains her experience with Threads and the work put into the fashion show.

Allen, a junior at Central Michigan University, studies fashion design and professional sales. Last year, Allen was Threads Fashion Show director of 2016, but applied to be one of two producers for the 2017 fashion show.

Allen describes being a part of Threads as much more than producing a fashion show. Allen became close with her classmates and loves being a part of something so big on campus.

FMD student, Macey Ronquillo, explains her journey this far with Threads.

Ronquillo, sophomore at CMU, is on the submissions committee for Threads Fashion Show. Ronquillo volunteered for the 2016 fashion show to help prepare for three days straight. 2017 is her first year involved in the class that runs and prepares for the fashion show each year.

Ronquillo explains that the preparation for the fashion show is quite time consuming. They prepare year round for the upcoming show and spend 2-3 hours outside of class working on it.

Ronquillo also says she has grown as a person because of Threads and planning fundraisers and fashion show events, which requires being comfortable speaking to business owners who are willing to donate or supply a space for events.

Krista Franzese explains the process of choosing a venue.

Franzese, sophomore at CMU, explains her job as venue and atmosphere director. She plans the layout of the venue, lighting, the music, the video, and anything else that goes into making the show happen.

Franzese also explains the theme of the 2017 Fashion Show, which is fashion expedition. This can include traveling, but more importantly, exploring oneself and finding out who they are.

Carly Coleman explains how she received her position and the tasks her and her team have completed prior to the fashion show. 

Coleman, senior at CMU, explains that this is her second year involved in Threads. In 2016, Coleman was a general committee member, but this year she is director of budgeting and logistics.

Coleman explains in order to receive a position, you must apply early on in the school year. The process includes filling out a form which is then sent to the faculty advisor, Ian Mull.

Coleman also explains how time consuming the preparation is each year. She talks about how the majority of the work occurs in January when the new semester kicks in.

Threads Fashion Show ticket & Finch Fieldhouse

Threads ticket
A tickets for Threads Fashion Show was $10 for general admission. VIP tickets are $50, but includes preferred seating, a goody bag, a program, and catered reception in Powers Hall Ballroom. Threads 2017 was held at Finch Fieldhouse, located off of S Franklin Street and E Preston Street.

Timeline on Preceden Timeline Maker :

This timeline shows the exact schedule Threads chose to follow for their show. Treads allocated 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. to the show and other activities.



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